Although we don't have any discounts, we wanted to mention a couple things if you are going to be in town for a couple days:

​Hotels: Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn on South Avenue

Forest avenue: O'Neills, Kettle Black, Cafe Franco, Brunos, Panini Grill, Jody's and Ho'brah
Bay Street: Blue, Ruddy & Deans, Beso
Deninos always good for pizza on Port Richmond Avenue.
New Dorp Lane/Hylan: Brioso, Pizzeria Giove, LaStrada, Bocelli, Brunos, Nunzio
a bunch of places also we never heard of or been to are probaly good too.

​Not sure what there is to do on Staten Island - Zoo, museum, the mall, some other mall; some other mall; sitting in traffic.

​That's about all we got!

*disclaimer - the restuarants we mentioned are places we been to, are close to our home or just ones we have heard of.  It is best to view these on yelp or google for reviews.