Welcome to the Sponsor page! We decided to have a SJVA reunion for a couple reasons - to see old teammates, to honor our SIX 1000 point scorers and to raise money for the girls that are still participating on the High School level during these uncertain times with the school. If you have trouble please email us at Please be as generous as you can!

Thank you in advance from the Villa Basketball Reunion Committee!

*The donation gives you the option to pass along the fees to us or you pay the fees. Based on a $100, for example, the fee is approximately $7.00.

(Please let us know if you prefer to sign up offline; you can mail us a check instead to our PO Box; we also have a paypal account). Please contact us at for more info.
​**Please note that this is not a school sponsored event.

**Please send sponsorship information by June 15, 2018**